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Running your own website can be a challenge; that’s why we founded Stack Host. We take care of the technical details, the website updates, the web design, local SEO, and more, so you have more time to focus on what’s important to you.

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Get your new small business website off the ground faster with a website expert.

An All-In-One Website Solution

Everything you need is built right into your Stack Host plan.

SEO Friendly

Rank faster with built-in SEO & in-depth training.

Contact Forms

Help customers get in touch with reliable contact forms.

Online Store

Start your online store with a click & fully designed WooCommerce themes.

Responsive Mobile Sites

All web designs are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop. All you have to do is add your content and media.

Customizable Designs

Control every aspect of your small business web design with a complete no-code, drag-and-drop page building platform.

High Performance

Our managed WordPress hosting plans keep your sites fast, secure, and reliable. All site hosting is on Google Cloud.

Extend your site with over 55,000 WordPress plugins to help your website meet your needs. Add social media, an online store, galleries, mailing lists, forums, analytics, and much more.

The World's Leading Website Platform

Launch your website on the platform that over 60 million rely on, WordPress, on the robust Google Cloud infrastructure with hand-picked plugins to grow your business online.

Custom Small Business Web Design

50+ Small Business Web Design Themes

Choose from 50+ pre-built WordPress themes and make it your own within 5 minutes of setting up your account.

Build Pages With No Code

Create stunning pages, design a blog, and/or customize your online store with no-code drag and drop designing.
Easy Web Design Editor With No Code

Get The Help You Need

Setting up a new website just got easier with our support plans.

Full-Service Support

Need an extra hand? Our Full-Service support add-on includes done-for-you website edits from our Full-Service support catalog and access to a website expert for training and guidance.

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Complete Maintenance

Included with all website plans.

Keep an expert logging into your website each month for basic checkups. Complete maintenance includes plugin updates, backup monitoring, and user management.

WordPress Website Hosting Questions

We have answers to your website hosting questions.

Every website needs a reliable platform. As the world’s most popular and road-tested website builder, WordPress is Stack Host’s go-to choice for every website we design and manage. What makes WordPress ideal for small businesses? For starters, its user-friendly interface is SEO compatible, and its wide selection of plugins makes it easy to customize. Let’s take a closer look under the hood of WordPress to see why we so strongly recommend it.

Ease of Use

Want to update your homepage, build a new tab, or add photos from a recent event to your website? With WordPress, it’s easy to make changes to your website—no matter your level of experience, from first-timers to seasoned pros. After we launch your new or revamped website, our Stack Host team teaches you how to make routine updates. As an added bonus, we also give you access to our premium page-building tool with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so you can alter the site’s design at any time.

SEO Friendly

Effective SEO lands you more visitors—visitors who are primed to convert into customers. WordPress offers a variety of built-in tools to improve your SEO. When you combine WordPress’s features with Stack Host’s SEO expertise, you get a website that climbs to the top of local search results.

WordPress has a number of SEO tools, but to us, the stand-out is the robust Rank Math, which provides automatic suggestions for optimizing keywords, repairing site errors, and keeping up with trends. With every package, we add Rank Math to your website and teach you how to use it so you can start increasing your web visibility right away. You can make modifications at any time based on seasonality, new products, or special offers.


WordPress is simple enough to run a personal blog or small business website, but powerful enough to serve the world’s biggest corporations, including Capital One, Microsoft, and Disney. This means as your business takes off, your WordPress-based site can easily handle an escalating number of visitors. If you or one of your team has web development skills, you can even build apps on the platform thanks to WordPress’s easy-to-use REST API.


With over 55,000 plugins, WordPress offers nearly limitless ways to customize your site. Whether you need to process payments, sell products, book appointments, or showcase real estate on your website, WordPress has a plugin that gets the job done. Whatever your small business needs to be a success, WordPress can handle it—and Stack Host can provide the expert support to get it done quickly and professionally.

Please start by selecting one of our web hosting and support plans

You can choose just the essentials with the Starter plan or add perks to get extra help from a Website Coach and even boost your SEO. The Full-Service Support Add-on is found on the checkout page to do this. 

Once you set up a Stack Host account—it takes just minutes to get started on your website. If you want help getting your website set up, book a screen share with your Website Coach or submit a support ticket and let us know which design theme you like. Stack Host support is available to set up sites for all hosting plan customers. Customers can also select a small business web design theme and launch their development website right away.  

Your dedicated account manager can also migrate your existing WordPress website to our ultra-efficient, highly secure hosting Google Cloud platform. For new websites, you’ll receive a link to your staging website (a trial website for working out new ideas). Once everything looks great, your site can go live right away.

Absolutely! Every package comes with over 50 WordPress compatible small business web design themes and each one can be tailored to your liking with page titles, photos, graphics, and your own copy. Once in your Stack Host dashboard, select create site, select a theme, add your company details and within 5 minutes your development website will be ready. Need help setting up your theme and site? Try our full-service support plan and we’ll send you a website worksheet containing questions about your business, brand, logos, colors, and more. Using this information, we’ll craft your business a new branded website and even help you launch.

With Stack Host’s Starter plan, a small business can get a full website using one of our over 50 themes and managed WordPress hosting starting at just $30 a month. This price includes an onboarding screen share with a website Coach to show you how to update your website. 

There are still more costs that go into small business web design. Here are a few basic costs to give you a better idea of how much small businesses pay for a website.

  • Domain Registration – $20 / year
  • Domain Privacy – $10 – $20 / year 
  • Website Hosting – $300 / year
  • Optional, Email Service – $180 / year (Google Workspace or Office365)
  • Optional, WordPress Website Theme (Included with Stack Host) – $50 / year 
  • Optional, WordPress Premium Plugins (Included with Full-Service Support) – $100 / year

Estimated Yearly Website Cost: $670

What about a custom-designed small business website?

Custom-designed websites often cost anywhere from $1,000 for a single landing page or one-page website to over $2,000 for custom small business web design and upwards of $2,500 – $3,000 for a custom-designed e-commerce website. 

Custom web design is a creative process that brings your company brand into a mobile-friendly, functional digital format. The process starts with in-depth discovery and two to three designs. After design approval, we custom code your website onto the WordPress content management platform, allowing you to easily make edits. 

There are plenty of hidden costs and expenses that most small businesses don’t anticipate when they launch their business. Small businesses pay an average of $1,000 for a new website. This is inclusive of setup costs (such as domain name registration, web hosting, and any third-party integrations), customization fees, and any other related expenses like photography or logo design. Even with these prices being standard, the final bill can differ from company to company depending on factors like the scope of work required or the specific features offered by different vendors.

With 50+ hand selected WordPress Themes included in every Stack Host plan, there’s no shortage of options. But if you’re looking for a unique, fully custom website, Stack Host can create one specific to your needs and style.

Why go custom? For those small businesses with a truly unique visual style, product offering, or service model, it’s sometimes more efficient to start from scratch. Stack Host can craft a website with brand-tailored colors, specific graphics, and innovative features—all at an affordable rate.

Our custom small business web design themes meet all of Stack Host’s rigorous standards and function seamlessly across every device and browser. When designing custom sites, Stack Host always takes mobile usage into consideration ensuring that every customer can browse your website easily from any device. Built from the ground up, your Stack Host custom website will be exactly what you want, from design to features to functionality.

Contact Stack Host today to discuss a custom web solution for your small business.

Stay calm knowing that Stack Host has your back. Once you set up an account with us, we’ll boot the hacker off your site, repair damaged code, and bolster your security so it doesn’t happen again. Stack Host’s threat detection and malware removal service will stop hackers right in their tracks.

You know that your car needs routine maintenance, but did you know that your website needs regular upkeep too? Stack Host is your one-stop shop for website maintenance and support, with three support options available for added website help.

With our “Full-Service” support add-on in addition to regular maintenance, your Stack Host Website Coach and support team is available to help with tasks from our Support Catalog. That means you will have access to a Website Coach to answer any of your questions, help with changes, and teach you the simple steps for quickly changing your copy, content, and images whenever you want.

Misleading terms, conditions, and log-in to credentials have you in a bind? Stack Host has helped countless website owners migrate to our hosting platform with ease and integrity. Contact us today for a new hosting solution—because you deserve complete transparency and unrestricted access to your website.

Powerful Managed WordPress Hosting.

A fast, secure, and reliable solution designed for small businesses.

We bring enterprise-level technology to small business sites with the Google Cloud infrastructure optimized for WordPress. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your website will always be ready for visitors. 

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