Why is email security important when running a site for a small business?

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If your business is a small, then email security is more important for you. Because the problem will tend to be more affective if a hacker gets access to your email account you may be using to run your company. If a hacker gets access to that account they can conduct many dangerous things, such as:

1- They can send out mass emails pretending to be you and scam people into giving them their credit card information so that they can buy something or pay for something or lend them money or whatever they do, hackers will take advantage of it.

2- They can download your entire contact list. This is something that they can do when your email is open in front of them and they are typing in it. They may put all your contacts on their own list and use them for a particular purpose that may not be good and affect everyone on that list.

3- If there’s something behind the scenes that your workers are doing regularly, like downloading paid membership applications or something that is sensitive information, the hacker can take it and save it for themselves for whatever use they think it’s good for.

4- Given enough time, if a hacker gets access to an email account that’s used by a business, they can install software undetected on the machines of your workers with legitimate logins. That allows them to control those computers remotely with all the privileges that come with being a user on the company computer system. This means that someone could remotely watch everything that the person does from anywhere in the world!

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