Stack Host offers four support levelsGeneral Support for all plans covering our platform features, Anchor support, Full-Service Support, and Guru Support. 

We provide support to our customers through the channels listed below. Support requests may vary based on the time of day and holidays. 

Please find all Stack Host support plans outlined below. 

Stack Host offers four support levels:

  1. General Support: available to all customers using the Stack Host platform.
  2. Anchor Support: for basic WordPress maintenance.
  3. Full-Service Support: for website content, media, and template assistance.

General Support (All Plans/Customers): Covers all Stack Host Managed WordPress Hosting Platform Features, listed below.

We provide platform support for the features unique to Stack Host. 

Supported Stack Host platform features include:

General Support (All Plans/Customers): WordPress Plugins and Theme Support

We cannot log in to your WordPress website to support themes, designs, and plugins. However, we are always here to provide resources that will assist you. 

General support plans can only provide limited support on requests regarding third-party plugins and themes. We can help identify server-side issues, review logs, and other errors that could help address these issues. We will also work with partner plugin and theme developers to resolve problems caused by a conflict with our platform, which may occur in some rare cases. 

Issues with plugin or theme functionality or your custom code are outside our general support plan scope. 

In most situations, the forum is the proper channel to request support for free plugins and themes. If you are on our Anchor, Full-Service, or Guru support plans, please reach out to Stack Host support first. 

Address issues with paid plugins and themes with their respective developers or support channel—in many cases, you are better off going to the source. Most WordPress plugin and theme developers have support teams that are at your service. 

General Support (All Plans/Customers): Plan Limitations

While we like to help whenever possible, please understand that we simply can’t support all of the available WordPress plugins, themes, and code. In most cases, we advise contacting the developer, the service, or the author to help.

All Stack Host customers are welcome to schedule a support call to discuss support questions, limitations, and our various support plans. We are happy to point you in the right direction.

Anchor Support: A support add-on covering the management of WordPress plugins, themes, and core updates. This plan also includes general website checks on visual and speed optimizations, plus a few extras listed below.

Anchor Support is best for essential maintenance and insight that will keep your website running smoothly and securely for the long run.   

Full-Service Support: Gain access to several done-for-you WordPress tasks through our Full-Service Support Plan. Our WordPress support experts will not just keep your website running at peak performance, but will also assist you in adding and updating website content, media, pages, posts, and more. 

Full-Service Support is best for busy business owners, marketing managers, and web designers who want to rest well knowing they have WordPress experts available to help maintain and make updates to their website. 

BONUS: Only at Stack Host our account managers are called Website Coaches—with Full-Service support, you get access to your very own dedicated Website Coach. 

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