Is Stack Host web developer and designer-friendly?

Yes, WordPress is a web developer and designer-friendly platform, but what is even more important is that Stack Host is web developer-friendly when so many managed WordPress hosting platforms are not.

If you are familiar with WordPress, you know it is one of the most user-friendly content management systems (CMS) available. However, whenever WordPress is mentioned in the same sentence as web developer, it often creates confusion rather than clarity for the non-technical person. That is because WordPress is actually a framework rather than a content management system.

WordPress can be a great choice for web developers and designers who want to have a powerful and versatile platform to build a website with. As a developer, you will find that WordPress is very flexible in the way you can build your site.

Web Developer-Friendly Managed WordPress Hosting

It can be tough to choose which managed WordPress hosting provider to go with. But here are a few things you should look for that will make your life easier as a developer.

Stack Host provides full access to your site’s environment for development proposes.

  • SFTP or SSH access
  • MySQL Access
  • Free included or custom SSL options.

Whatever your design or developer needs, WordPress and Stack Host are great choices to give you the flexibility and support for the website of your dreams.