How do I install WordPress?

WordPress is a website content management system (CMS) that anyone can install WordPress on their own web server with some technical know-how. You are in luck because Stack Host offers customers a one-click installation of WordPress with its managed WordPress hosting solution.

Here’s how to install WordPress on Stack Host and make it your own.

First, head over to your account dashboard and hit the CREATE SITE bottom. Next, select what type of website you would like to create Website + Blog, Blog Only, or Online Store.

If you have not selected a Stack Host Managed WordPress Hosting plan yet. Please view WordPress pricing here.

Already have an account. Head over to your my account area here.

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How do I install WordPress On Stack Host? Step One
Choose Website + Blog, Blog, or Online Store to start.
Add your logo, name, and brand to your WordPress website.
Add your logo, name, and brand to your website.

Name your website, give it a tagline and upload your logo and site icon (uploading a logo and icon is optional on this step). 

Select a WordPress website design you like
Select a website design you like

Fresh. Modern. Eye-catching. Whether you need a new website or a refresh, Stack Host provides affordable website design themes. Choose from professionally designed hand-selected themes that are installed in minutes.

The final product is a website that’s easy to navigate, a delight to visit, and an impressive reflection of your company.

Launch Your WordPress website.
Launch Your WordPress website

That’s it. Within minutes your WordPress website is live and ready for edits.