How do I make my WordPress site not a blog?

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Unless you are running a personal blog, your website is more than likely going to be an online presence for your business. At some point in the process of creating your website, you might have come across the word blog in the process somewhere. If you’re not a fan of blogs, or simply want to build a professional site, there are ways to make sure that your site isn’t classified as one. There are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen, such as making your site feel more like a personal website and less like a blog.

This can be accomplished in a few different ways, depending on your needs and preferences:

  • The first step is selecting a WordPress theme that best reflects the look and feels you would like to achieve. You can do this by browsing through the many available themes at Stack Host.
  • When selecting a theme, it is also important to choose one that is well-maintained and updated regularly. This will ensure that your site remains secure and up to date. If you have a hard time looking for a  perfect theme for your business you can contact us anytime.
  • Installing a WordPress plugin is yet another option for turning your WordPress site into anything more than a blog. You may personalize the look of your site as well as its functionality in a wide variety of ways by installing one of the numerous plugins that are now available.

Why do you care if your site is a Blog or not?

It might not matter to you if your site is a blog, but it will matter to people trying to find your content. If your site is a blog and you’re hoping to rank for keywords, you’ll have to compete with millions of other blogs. And while there’s nothing wrong with blogging, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd if you just want your content to show up next to the millions of other blog posts already out there. If you want people to find your content and learn about your business, you’ll need to make sure they can find your site. If you have a blog, you’re probably going to have a harder time with that.

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