8 Web Design Trends Small Business Owners Should Know About In 2022

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It’s amazing how quickly the web design landscape changes. It’s hard for anyone to foresee what will happen in the future, but today’s trends can at least provide an idea of what direction things may take. Here are ten web design trends small business owners should know in 2022.

The rapid changes we see in technology are largely driven by changes in the way people are operating on the web. These changes have been brought about by the evolution of the devices that people use to access the internet, as well as the emergence of new technologies that are allowing for a cleaner, more modern approach to web design.

Here are seven web design trends that small business owners should know in 2022. Once you understand the trends, you’ll have a better idea of applying them to your business.

Web Design Trends for Small Business Owners

Content is Still King

There’s no other form of marketing that creates genuine brand awareness the same way. The internet is rife with content that companies use to attract potential customers, but the real question is how effective will these efforts be? If you’re serious about building a real brand in the digital world, then you need to have a clear, consistent message.

That’s why content marketing has always been important and will continue to be important in the future.

SEO Is Still In The Spotlight

Few industries have seen such rapid, fundamental changes in the last decade as the way search engines operate and the way they reward websites for traffic. Much has been written about the importance of SEO to the success of a business’s online presence, but it’s often hard to convey the impact of these changes to non-technical business owners.

In the years ahead, small businesses will have to have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of SEO to be successful. Today’s news has demonstrated just how much the company that can provide an SEO strategy that’s effective for their company will outperform their competition, especially on a local level.

Accessibility Is A Priority

When it comes to digital design, the most important thing is accessibility. What does that mean? Accessibility means designing with everyone in mind. It means making sure your website is accessible to those with disabilities and those without. And it means considering and implementing what’s known as universal design (a design approach that includes people of all abilities and needs). Google has said that it will penalize sites that are not up to their standards of accessibility. That means a lower ranking in search engines and a loss of traffic.

Simplicity Is The New Black

One of the most popular trends lately has been “black” online. This refers to a clean, simple design. It’s simplistic and straightforward.

It’s clear, it’s easy to read, and it’s easy on the eye. “Black” is a great start to any design and can be easily added to in the future as more media and content is developed. We like this trend because we are big believers in KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. 

Website Redesigns Are Critical For Mobile Users

As mobile usage continues to grow, the visual presentation of a website is critical. These websites should not only showcase the content but also make it easy for people to find the information they are looking for. In 2022 and beyond, you should always design your website with mobile phones in mind first. Before you go live, browse every page on your phone. 

Personalized Websites Are Necessary

You may have noticed that people are increasingly not afraid to share their personal information online, which means more and more brands are making information available. 

If you’re looking to personalize your site, an easy way to start is by creating an email list to build interest and engagement among your target audience. Once you have an email list, you can do a survey of the users on your list. This can then be used to collect information to personalize your website.

Chatbots Will Reshape The Internet 

It’s an understatement to say that chatbots have been dominating news headlines lately. After Facebook announced it would be investing billions into its AI platform, Business Insider stated that “every single major company in the world is building AI bots.”

In a report by Navigant Research, 45 percent of all respondents said they were planning to use chatbots in 2022. That’s up from 21 percent in 2017.

And it’s not just major companies that are investing in chatbots. In September, Twitter announced a partnership with Woebot, which uses chatbots to help users suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction. It was reported that “nearly 200,000 users have logged into [Woebot] in the last seven days.

More Designers Will Implement Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature that allows anyone to change their app or website experience from a light background to a dark background. It’s a popular feature that has been requested for several years, and it looks like 2022 will be the year when developers start to catch up. Dark mode for websites shows no signs of slowing down.

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