Is Litigation Making ADA Compliance For My Website Mandatory?

Is An ADA Compliant Website Mandatory? Three Things You Should Know

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Most business owners understand that shops, restaurants, and other commercial buildings must be accessible to disabled people. However, many business owners overlook the fact that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can also be applied to webpages and mobile apps. Although an ADA compliant website isn’t mandatory and regulators don’t enforce any specific rules, your company could face civil legal action if it doesn’t make improvements to its website in the future. Accessibility yields numerous benefits; it enhances the lives of disabled citizens, enables you to serve more customers, and gives your firm a competitive advantage in multiple ways.

Is Litigation Making ADA Compliance For My Website Mandatory?
Is Litigation Making ADA Compliance For My Website Mandatory?

It’s easy for most of us to take the internet for granted. Nonetheless, disabled individuals often have difficulty using this extraordinary resource. Physical impairments can make it impossible to operate a standard mouse or keyboard. Foot controls, switches, mouth sticks, eye trackers, wands, large trackballs, voice recognition systems, and on-screen keyboards provide alternative ways to interact with computers. These devices only work well on highly accessible webpages. Some users are blind, so they must rely on audible screen readers. Others need captions because they cannot hear.

Digital ADA compliance litigation is set to change policies and practices on having an ADA compliant website for those that do business online. At Stack Host assistance making your website more, ADA Compliant is included with every hosting plan.

Is compliance mandatory or necessary?

Generally, ADA lawsuits tend to target businesses that have more than 14 staff members and/or publicly accessible buildings. A motel needs to prioritize compliance more than a commercial window-cleaning service or an internet-only electronics retailer. The Supreme Court recently upheld a ruling against the pizza restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza as a result of that case lawyers expect to see a large volume of phone app and website-related ADA cases. A blind plaintiff initiated a lawsuit against the company because its app and website were incompatible with his screen reader. An appeals court determined that the inaccessible Domino’s website “impedes access to the goods and services of its physical pizza franchises,” according to CNBC.

Should my website be ADA compliant?

Similar lawsuits frequently target businesses, both large and small. During 2018, the number of internet-related ADA cases went up by approximately 180 percent. The plaintiffs took legal action against more than 2,200 companies and organizations in one year. This law typically doesn’t provide any way for defendants to avoid penalties. Even if you’re not vulnerable to a lawsuit, an accessibility update is a right thing to do. It will enhance your firm’s reputation, boost sales, help you gain more search engine traffic, and increase the value of your website. Most importantly, it makes life a little less challenging for disabled individuals.

Compliance doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or expensive. Stack Host helps businesses maximize accessibility as easy as possible. Although website owners are responsible for some aspects of compliance, we strive to simplify and expedite this complex process. Our services also enable companies to gain the search optimization advantages associated with ADA compliance. Automated search engine “spiders” resemble screen readers in some ways. Things like text-based captions, sitemaps, and easy-to-use navigation systems will benefit both disabled individuals and your search engine rankings.

Is my website ADA compliant?

lt should no longer be ignored, but you’re probably wondering, “What does ADA compliant mean for websites and their owners?” It means that all visitors can fully access and use a website. There are multiple ways to accomplish ADA improved websites. It’s best if your site complies with the Web Accessibility Standards and/or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which is found online. Most website owners find it less challenging to comprehend the WAS. However, the most suitable and practical solutions are different for each website. You don’t necessarily have to check off every item on a list of 50 standards.

Some tasks need to be prioritized more than others. For instance, it’s crucial to add hidden text-based descriptions to images. Screen readers use this “alt text” to describe photos and artwork to visually impaired visitors. It’s also vital to add closed captioning to videos and create transcripts of audio recordings. Businesses should focus on their most popular webpages first. If you at least make an effort to improve accessibility, you’re less likely to face a lawsuit or negative publicity.

It’s vital to avoid certain things as well. Webpages shouldn’t automatically play videos or display pop-up windows. Avoid putting text inside of images, don’t add text or pictures that flash, and forgo poorly contrasted color schemes. It ought to be possible to use the website without identifying colors fully. For example, red and green buttons should also have “stop” and “go” labels. Don’t frustrate visually impaired users by making them listen to a repetitive text. Keep in mind that many of the flaws mentioned above also annoy non-disabled customers or harm search engine optimization.

Some firms claim that they can instantly make your website ADA-compliant without any effort on your part, but these claims are exaggerated. You cannot achieve this goal by merely installing a plug-in or other software. Although WordPress is highly compliant, numerous WP-based websites use add-ons and themes that detract from accessibility. The good news is that Stack Host can provide expert advice on many aspects of your website, including its colors, alt text, zooming options, videos, and screen reader compatibility. Our professional consultations will help you efficiently maximize ADA compliance and overall usability.

Stack Host provides a comprehensive hosting plan that includes plenty of great features and services, in addition, to help with website ADA compliance. Our managed WordPress web hosting lets you choose between more than 100 design styles. There’s no extra charge for ADA advice or SSL website security. We can also add a well-written privacy policy to your site for free. Our knowledgeable staff will provide assistance whenever you want to modify a page or need help with any other aspect of running a business website. Please browse our website or contact Stack Host today to learn more.

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