Is WordPress free?

Did you know that WordPress is free? Seriously, it is. If you are new to WordPress or have had WordPress installed for a while but are not sure what to do with it, we are here to help.

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems on the web today. While it is free to install, several different paid extensions are available for users who want to add extra functionality to their website.

At Stack Host, we offer Managed WordPress hosting as a solution for small businesses, marketers, and marketing managers who do not have the time to learn how to install and administer their WordPress site or those who prefer not to. As a Managed WordPress Host, Stack Host also provides several WordPress theme designs to get you started with your website—we preinstall our favorite page builder, SEO, and forms plugs. Plus, we will help train you on how to build a website using no code at Stack Academy. If you are new to WordPress or have no experience of hosting WordPress, then we have tips and tutorials to help you get started.


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